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151 Arrival in New York, 1857

Livingston County, Illinois Marriages Up to 1900, Brides N-R

His dates are from stone in Germanville Cemetery , Livingston Co., IL 
Schroen, Berhnard (I429)
152 As of 1874 lives on the east side of Arrowsmith Township. He was a soldier under Sherman.
Member of the 116th Illinois volunteers during the War of the Rebellion. He came out of the Army with his health greatly shattered.
In 1885 he moved his family to Linn Couty then 3 years later to Blue Mound township.

They had 8 children, 6 sons, and 2 daughters. 
Green, John M. (I8628)
153 As of 1874, lived in Allen County, Kansas. Stansberry, Andrew (I8627)
154 As of 1881, lived in Oregon. Riggs, Henry M. (I8809)
155 As of 1897, lived in Bratton Twp, Mifflin Co. PA Kauffman, George W. (I4879)
156 As of 1897, lived in Huntington Co. PA Appleby, George S. (I4880)
157 As of 1897, lived in Roanoke, VA Nepp, John S. (I4878)
158 As of 1897, lived in Ryde Station, Mifflin Co. Bratton, William A. (I4877)
159 As of 1913, lived in Rich Hill, MO. Laughlin (I8865)
160 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Arnold, David Lee (I779)
161 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Arnold, Jeffrey Dean (I780)
162 As of 2000, lived in Shenandoah Valley, VA, Tangible Reality Library Horne, John Barden (I8377)
163 As of 2013, This is all farther I had on the Pitts / Armstrong Line.
Ref: starts my internet search. 
Pitts, William (I199)
164 As of his father's death, 1915, lived in Bloomington, IL. Means, William Clow (I8787)
165 As of his father's death, 1915, lived in Fisher, IL. Means, Frank Baker (I8794)
166 As of his father's death, 1915, lived in Gibson City, IL. Means, Charles Martin (I8789)
167 As of his father's death, 1915, lived in Post Falls, Idaho. Means, Lee David (I8795)
168 As of his father's death, 1915, lived in Saybrook, IL. Means, Hilleary Abbott (I8792)
169 As of his father's death, 1915, lived in South Fork , Arkansas. Means, John Rumsey (I8790)
170 As of his father's death, 1915, lived in, Bloomington, IL. Means, Ora Colby (I8793)
171 As of his father's death, 1915, lived in, Saybrook, IL. Means, Amos Owen (I8791)
172 As of sister's death, 1909, she lived in Blue Mound, Mclean County, IL.

8 children, 3 died in infancy. 
Means, Elizabeth M. (I8623)
173 Ash Street; Johnstown, Pa. 1905 Bracken, Charles G. (I1774)
174 At eight o'clock on Wednesday morning there drifted out upon that unknown sea whose bosom bears no home-returning barque, the life of Horace W. Means, son of Joseph Means of this city, aged 31 years and some months. Horace was born and raised in this vicinity and spent here the years of his early manhood. His winning disposition and the high order of talent with which he was endowed by nature rendered him peculiarly fitted for the profession of law, which he adopted. A few years since he was married to Miss Ida Shepherd, who is well-known to many of the former society circle of Windsor, and who is now left a widow. The last year or so of his life he spent in Colorado from which point he, a few months since, came home to die, having contracted the fatal disease - consumption. In the home of his boyhood, with the tender ministrations of loved ones to smooth to his feet the path that leads into the Valley of the Shadow, life slowly ebbed away, until Wednesday morning when 'God's finger touched him, and he slept', passing away as gently as an infant, soothed by the mother's lullaby, sinks into sleep. He had for sometime been an earnest, consistent member of the M. E Church, south, and now, in that land beyond the stars he waits the coming of the loved ones left on earth. MEANS, Horace Wood (I10576)
175 At the Cornelius Farm. Family F16754
176 AUG 23, 1907 Colfax Press

Betsberg - Puett

Yesterday morning in Kansas City, Mo. Occurred the marriage of Miss Beulah Puett and Mr.
Ernest Betsberg, both of Bloomington, the young couple having left for Kansas City the
evening before. Miss Puett formerly lived in Colfax, where she was raised from childhood
and where she has a large number of warm friends. Mr. Betsberg is a Bloomington boy and
is a painter by trade. The young couple will make their home in Kansas City. 
Family F190
177 (stephanie) Source Source: S47 (S47)
178 B.C. Holtzclaw; Ancestry and Descendants of the Nassau-Siegen Immigrants to Virginia 1714-1750 ; Published: The Memorial Foundation of the Germanna Colonies ; Third Printing, 1979 Edition; 1964 ;

Paul Huffman; Family History of Paul Huffman; ; 5 Mar 2001 ;

Germanna record #5 Page 357

Original Settler of the 1714 Germanna Colony to Virginia. 
Hofmann, Johannes (I8484)
179 Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering from Kansas State University, then entered the Army serving in the Corps of Engineers. Wertenberg, Bob Owen (I8992)
180 Baked many wedding cakes and other special bake goods in her home. Lester, Mae (I5804)
181 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Keist, Barbara Jane (I679)
182 Batch #: 1760781, Source Call #: Batch #: F507388, Sheet #: 20, Source Call #: 1553480 PIPER, Margaret (I6468)
183 Batch #: 446350, Source Call #: CRUMBAKER, Marion Victor (I6558)
184 Batch #: 5007388, Sheet #: 20, Source Call #: 1553480 CRUMBAKER, Ellen Alice (I6567)
185 Believed to be born of the first marriage. Wickersham, Elizabeth (I470)
186 Benoni is assumed to be the child of Richard and Elizabeth Bracken Williams who died at the age of 19 and is buried next to his parents. His stone is inscripted with "As I am Now so Will You Be, so Think on Death and Follow Me." Williams, Benoni (I23)
187 Source Source: S45 (S45)
188 Beth and John spent most of their lives in Odon IN He was a house painter and owned his own house that was auctioned off ofter their deaths. Williams, John Bracken (I8201)
189 Big Man could wear a 45 in his shoulder holster. Died on duty with an MI in his patrol car. He was nicknamed Buck. He had no children. Murrah, William Dalton (I268)
190 Biograhical Encyclopedia, 1897 says Martha was of Irish decent. But, her Williams line was from Wales and her Bracken side from England so.... Williams, Martha (I1044)
191 Biographical Sketch of William Means, Jackson Township, Buchanan
County, MO

>From "History of Buchanan County, Missouri, Published 1881, St. Joseph
Steam Printing Company, Printers, Binders, Etc., St. Joseph, Missouri.

William Means, farmer, section 33, postoffice Arnoldsville. The subject of the following narative, was born in Christian County, Kentucky on January 18, 1809 and emigrated to Missouri, which was a wilderness in 1820. He then went to Daviess and to Ray Counties, where he remained seven years. Afterward moved to Buchanan County, having been engaged in farming most of the time. In 1830 he married Miss Nancy H. Gentry, a native of Boone County, Missouri. They have six children: James R., Charles G., Thomas J., Susan, Elizabeth and Martha. His first wife died in 1868. His second marriage was to Miss Mary C. McIntosh, his present wife. By hard labor and strict attention to business he has acquired a considerable amount of land, all of which has been given to his children, except 100 acres. His children are all married. Mr. Means has served six years as justice of the peace
with credit to himself, discharging the duties of the office to the entire satisfaction of the people. He has all his life been recognized as a public spirited citizen. 
MEANS, William (I11256)
192 Birth date calculated from Tombstone.

Died Nov 4, 1827 51 yrs, 10M, 18 D

Dickson, Robert S. (I12894)
193 Birth Records of Henry Co, Mo, indicate that the third child of Addie Packenpaugh, and Millard H. Means was Henry Thomas Means! MEANS, Henry Harrison (I10224)
194 Birthplace is now in West VA. Rumsey, Charles (I5120)
195 Bloomington Pantagraph - Sep. 16, Novc. 1935
Pantagraph Central Illinois Service
CHATSWORTH -- Peter Schroen, 87, died at 12:15 p.m.
Friday of a heart attack at his home here. He was a retired farmer.

Mr. Schroen was born in Germany, March 14, 1852 and with his mother and framily came to Peoria when he was a year old. Later the family removed to Germanville, where Mr. Schroen lived until 1926 when he came to Chatsworth.

His wife died several years ago. Surviving is a son Charles. 
Schroen, Peter (I8960)
196 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Bates, Kathryn Elizabeth (I4466)
197 Bond # 1243 Source Source: S75 (S75)
198 Bond # 1452 Source Source: S74 (S74)
199 Bond Date, Feb. 7th, Marriage Bonds and Ministers Returns of Charlotte Co., VA 1764-1... Page 46 Knorr, 1951 Rev. Thomas Johnston Source Source: S72 (S72)
200 Bond DTE 2/1/1815, #897 Garrad Co. Marriage Records Bondsman: Beverly Baker, Ransome Colquitt Source Source: S73 (S73)

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