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1501 Thomas of Robindale, Melling, and Salter, England. Will dated 11/15/1682,probated 5/28/1683 Bracken, Thomas (I6119)
1502 Thomas' Obituary Kansas City Times Tue. Dec. 10, 1968

Thomas W. McNamara, 85, of 5106 Wabash died yesterday at the home. He was born in Auburn, NE and lived here 61 years. Mr. McNamara was a lawyer until he retired. He was a member of the Kansas City Bar Assoc., the Community Christian Church ahe Ivanhoe Masonic Lodge. A past High Priest of the K. C. Knights Templar. Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Mary E. McNamara of the home, a daughter Mrs. Mary E. Gregg, San Francisco, a granddaughter and five great grandchildren. Services will be held at 1 O'Clock Wed. At the Newcomer Chapel, Brush Creek and the Paseo. Burial in Mt. Moriah Cemetery. 
MCNAMERA, Thomas (I11129)
1503 Thought to have come from Brooke Co. VA. Elson, Archibald (I165)
1504 Three months after his son was born, Myral died a terrible death. He was the innocent victim of a berserk gunman (his brother Cilfus) at the age of 30 years. He had been a successful local merchant of Palo Pinto Stove, well respected and loved by all who knew him.
Myral, Goldie, Jesse Wright-a hired worker on the farm, and the three girls were at the table eating dinner, when baby Don's crying took Goldie from the room. Culfus came to the door and when asked in, answered by shooting into the room and breaking Goldie's plate, The baby's cry saved her life. Myral was not so lucky. He passed away at Bothwell Hospital in Sedalia MO. Conscious to the Last, he said Jesus was holding his hand and he was going with him. 
TAYLOR, Myral (I10164)
1505 Tombstone , and verified by 1850 census data taken in Coshocton Co. Ohio. Location is assumed since his father is noted in this township in 1798 and 1800. Source Source: S1 (S1)
1506 Tombstone says Maria. Graedel, Anna Maria (I366)
1508 Twin brother of Carrolyn. Huffman, Carroll Dwayne (I4531)
1509 Twin of Herbert, was mentally retarded, and died of eating too many cherry seeds. Abdominal obstruction.

Called Joe because he loved his brother-in law Joe Fricke.

Hubert lived on the farm with Joe Fricke. He worked on the railroad all day and was paid with a sack of candy which he always shared with his nieces. 
Elston, Hubert (Joe) (I287)
1510 Twin of Lillie. Williams, Willie (I8203)
1511 Twin of Mary. See Mary Williams (18) The 1860 Census showed Mary's same aged sibling to be Nancy. She might have taken on her aunt Balentine's name. Lived on a farm 2 miles N. of Cooksville with her husband. Williams, Marney (Nancy) (I43)
1512 Twin of Robert Cowser, Richard (I5714)
1513 Twin of Sister, Jemima. Was sickly and died a age 12, 6 weeks after father. Means, John (I188)
1514 Twin of Willie. Williams, Lillie (I8204)
1515 Twin Sister of Nora Huffman Huffman, Pearl (I4497)
1516 Twin to Foster Means Means, Thomas (I8907)
1517 Twin with Barry. Baker, Barbara (I6015)
1518 Twin with Gary, died at birth. Baker, Larry (I6008)
1519 Twin with Randy. Baker, Rick (I6026)
1520 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Baker, Earl (I5985)
1521 Typhoid Epidemic Grigsby, John Evans (I8606)
1522 Uncle Charlie and Aunt Edith as referred by Carol Calhoun Williams made the best green beans this side of Sibley, IL. Murrah, Charles Edwards (I270)
1523 VAN G.9 COE (James Herbert8, Judge Charles Benjamin7, Thomas Jefferson6, Isaiah5,John4,Timothy3, Timothy, Timothy1) was born December 6, 1921, in Jackson County, AR. A member of the US Navy during WW II, he was stationed at Clinton Sherman Air Base, Burris Flat, OK, and later in California, Memphis, TN, and Jacksonville, FL. After the war he settled at Clinton, OK, and later moved to Carter, OK. In 1959 he was living at 3720 Cooley Drive, Lansing, MI, and later moved to Austin, TX, and then to Dallas. He was manager of men's clothing stores in all three cities. He lived at 207 Texas Street, Hot Springs, AR. He died November 27, 2003.

He married (1) December 26, 1943, in Elk City, OK, Nannie Lou Evans, born February 18, 1922, at Olustee, OK, daughter of John Barton and Eula Evans; (2) March 11, 1948, in Dallas, TX, Peggy L. Phillips. An employee of the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture in Sayre, OK, when she met Mr. Coe, Nannie Evans quit her job after marriage and moved to Elk City, OK. After being divorced, she returned to work for the Department of Agriculture at Carter, OK. She married (2) H. W. Sanders. Retired since 1977, she lives at Sayre, OK. 
COE, Van G. (I12265)
1524 Very good discription of his life in Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois, Volume 2, Part 1 PAge 921. Arbogast, Enos A. (I9073)
1525 Veteran of Gettysburg 105th PA Vol. Company F. David and Francis Williams lived in Winslow, Gaskill Twp Jefferson Co. PA until 1879. They moved their young family to Republican City, Nebraska where they spent the remainder of their lives. Williams, David Karr (I3608)
1526 W. L. Brown, a talented lawyer of Salt Lake City, Utah, 1899, Illustrated History of the State of Idaho Brown, W. L. (I8934)
1527 WALTER WILLIAM8 COE (Judge Charles Benjamin7 (71), Thomas Jefferson6, Isaiah5, John4, Timothy3, Timothy2, Timothy1) was born October 24, 1892, at Tuckerman, AR. First at Tuckerman, where he lived on Holt Avenue, and then at the Newport, AR, Air Force base, he was in the grocery business for a total of 47 years. A fisherman and hunter who loved both basketball and baseball, he was active in politics and civic matters and was a member of the Methodist Church. He died July 15, 1964, at Newport. Burial was at Gracelawn Cemetery.

He married January 26, 1917, at Tuckerman, AR, Ruth Bliss, born June 6, 1898, died May 15, 1988, at Tuckerman. 
COE, Walter William (I11839)
1528 Was a Doctor. McClain, Jesse (I3412)
1529 Was 24 years old when married. Marriage license in McLean Co. Court House. Born 15 miles S. of Zanesville. Martin, Joseph Richard (I109)
1530 Was a doctor in Monticello, IL in 1933. Hawthorne, Roy O Hamilton (I4348)
1531 Was a farmer in the Anchor-Cooksville area of Illinois. Lived near Cooksville in 1927. Williams, Earl Cranston (I101)
1532 Was a farmer near Punxsutawney, PA and died in Williamsburg, Kansas at his son-in-laws Daniel Fogle. Clawson, Matthias (I3499)
1533 Was a graduate of Decatur's Millikin University School of Music and taught music for several years. She now lives with her daughter in Florida. Curl, Mary (I5800)
1534 Was a mechant in Punxsutawney, PA. Frampton, John (I3629)
1535 Was a police officer; killed in the line of duty during a robbery in Cushing, OK. WEST, William Albert (I10925)
1536 Was a regional superintendent of locomotives for Burlington Northern Railroad for 20 years. Coast Guard veteran of World War II. Williams, John Richard (I691)
1537 Was a soldier in the Civil War and lived in Allensville, PA in 1897. Casner, William (I3463)
1538 Was a teacher in Lanark, Carroll Co. IL when he was married. Then became a pastor in Colfax, IL. Has no stone on grave. Hawk, Rev. William Davis (I3889)
1539 Was an unmarried women and died in the flu epidemic. Williams, Sarah A. (I3648)
1540 Was Blind. Ballentine, Elizabeth (I4810)
1542 Was interviewed by Harry K Davis, researcher on much of the Ballentine Line in 1953 in Winterset, IA. McCleary, William Allen (I4803)
1543 Was PostMaster of Linton Mills, Coshocton Co. OH. Williams, Marion H. (I50)
1544 Was postmaster of Tucson AZ for many years and still lives in Tucson with his wife Joanne. Perry as a young man was a cowboy on the open range near Williams. He once saved a young girl by getting medicine to her on horseback through a terrible blizzard. (520)624-3438 Baker, Perry (I5807)
1545 was second wife of Jacob Garmon Bracken, Caroline (I1721)
1546 Was sick for twenty years before she passed on. She was buried on Christmas Day. Died of perniciocus anemia. Williams, Margaret Anne (I82)
1547 Washington Co. Ky Marriages BK 5-167 Source Source: S56 (S56)
1548 Washington Twp; Ind Co, Pa. Bracken, Sarah E. (I1193)
1549 Washington Twp; Ind Co, Pa. Miller, Jacob H. (I1253)
1550 Went to California for gold, came back and married Mary Yost and had 12 children with her. McCleary, Charles Slagle (I4799)

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