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201 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F3330
202 Born after parents moved to IL. Lived in Colfax, IL in 1913. Crumbaker, Andrew J. (I489)
203 Born and raised in Clinton and lived here until about fourteen years ago and then moved to Kansas City, where she has since lived. She is survived by five children.
(Oldest Daughter - Edith Pierce, 2 children.) 
MEANS, Emma A. (I10012)
204 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Watterson, Walter Jr. (I130)
205 Born on the farm two miles North of Cooksville. She was the leader of the Sunday School music and junior choir at the Presbyterian Church for 35 years. Barr, Mary (Etta) (I91)
206 Both Harry and Helen teacher in Punxsutawney, PA. Nicholson, Harry V. (I3813)
207 Both Priscilla and husband Samuel were of English descent. Marshall, Priscilla (I8816)
208 Bought Brother Williams place in Belsano in 1883. Died of cerebal hemorrhage. Bracken, John Wesley (I1262)
209 Box 255 Almond, New York 14804 Bracken, Clyde (I1366)
210 BOYCE EDWIN8 COE (Judge Charles Benjamin7 (71), Thomas Jefferson6, Isaiah5, John4, Timothy3, Timothy2, Timothy1) was born September 4, 1897, in Jackson County, AR. An avid outdoorsman, as a young man he was shot in the stomach when his gun became entangled in a fence on a hunting trip. With no doctor at Campbell Station, where the accident occurred, a Newport physician was summoned, who made it there by buggy just in time. Boyce's injuries were severe, nearly costing him his life. His posture was stooped the remainder of his life. He worked as a bookkeeper for a farm implement company in Newport. His death occurred March 31, 1962. Burial was at Swifton Cemetery, Swifton, AR.

He married October 3, 1920, Catherine Smith, born February 2, 1899, died January 1991 in Newport, AR. Her address was 421 N Main Street, Newport 72112. 
COE, Boyce Edwin (I11841)
211 Bozarth Beacon Vol I-1, Vol IV-2. His will mentions grandson Erret Bozarth RR#2 Clinton IN, Chas. W. cluder RR 3 Clinton, Viola Harknes RR 3 Clinton, Maggie Vanhoutin, a niece, Paris IL, Perlonzo J. Duck,
a nephew, St.Louis MO, Chas. Bozarth, nephew,Libertyville IN, John Y. Pearce, Bunker Hill IL, Catherine Ladd, niece, dau of Julia Ladd Portland OR, Elijah Ward Bozarth of Topeka KS and the youngest son of
Elizabeth J. Lycan of Carterville MO. 
BOZARTH, Jonathan Abner (I11564)
212 Brougth by his prarents at the age of 3 to Cheney's Grove.
They had 12 children, 11 boys and 1 daughter. The daughter and 2 sons died in infancy or early youth.

When David and Rebecca Cline were to be married, he started from Cheney's Grove accompanied by his sister, Mrs. Lizzie Green, on the last week of February. The roads were so bad he was two days late, as the last day of February was set for the wedding, so they were married on March 2, 1851.

Lives about 1 mile north of old Homestead. in 1874. 
Means, David Dickson (I8621)
213 Buried with mother. MEANS, infant (I10772)
214 Burried 'next to his father' MEANS, William S. (I10549)
215 Cad (George Cadwallender) Huffman and his descendants were given to me by his Granddaughter Dorothy "Dottie" Grigsby of Harrodsburg , KY. Huffman, George Cadwallender (I587)
216 Called by the name Hattie Ball. Ball, Harriet Elen (I9011)
217 Called Ike in 1880 Census. Lived near Mother's place. Called Isaac in 1870 Census. 
Huffman, Isaiah (I465)
218 Came to Lexington, Il with family in 1863. Crumbaker, John (I480)
219 Came to US in 1844 Shuttleworth, William (I13628)
220 Carol Calhoun Williams has an original funeral program of William Calhoun and its lists names of nephews of his as pallbearers. Calhoun, William (I551)
221 Carol Calhoun Williams was given her wedding ring by George Calhoun on her 16 th birthday. Jones, Juliet (I552)
222 Caroline County (which was part of Essex) is a "Burnt" County. Sadly many Courthouse records are gone after the Courthouse was destroyed during the Civil War. Hopefully I will have more to add later on Murrah. 
Murrah, Lodowick (I4992)
223 Cause of death, temporary insanity, shot himself. Williams, Thomas (I22)
224 Census records of Noble Twp. have his name spelled Bele, Bela, Beal. Other records show Beely, Bealy, Bealey, Bella, William, and B.W. Elston, Bela (I570)
225 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Bracken, Kathy Jean (I1405)
226 Charity moved to Bloomington, Il while just a child and left there during an epidemic to the present site of Colfax. Williams, Charity (I44)
227 CHARLES KIRBY8 COE (Judge Charles Benjamin7 (71), Thomas Jefferson6, Isaiah5, John4, Timothy3, Timothy2, Timothy1) was born February 25, 1889, at Tuckerman, AR. For eleven years he was postmaster at Tuckerman, four years Jackson County Treasurer, four years circuit court clerk, and was a member of the county Farm Bureau. He lived for a while at 400 Hazel, Newport, AR, and later owned the old Coe farm at Campbell Station. He died September 12, 1953, with the Newport newspaper declaring, Charles Kirby Coe, 64 a member of a prominent Tuckerman family who held several county offices, died Saturday in a local hospital. Burial was at Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Tuckerman.

He married May 14, 1913, in Fulton County, AR, Emma Hall, born December 2, 1890, died April 1980 at Rockville, MD. Burial was at Pleasant Grove Cemetery. 
COE, Charles Kirby (I11838)
228 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Williams, Charles Otis (I8208)
229 Charles was a physician. Agnew, Charles M. (I3151)
230 Charles? life was bound to the mill that his father bought in 1857 from Hooper and Phelps. The mill was burned and was rebuilt in 1862 of brick by Charles and A.J. Mann. The mill was located where the Stotlar Lumber yard is today and the mill pond was in the north east corner of the Court Street and West Main Street intersection.

In 1860, Charles 27 and Judah 18 were living in Marion with three young girls named Margaret 12, Sarah J. 10, and Mary J. Blankenship aged 5. His occupation was listed as a miller and he had $1600 in real estate and claimed $50 in personal property. Both he and Judah were born in Tennessee. They were either living with or next to his parents, very likely near the mill on W. Main Street. 
Edwards, Charles (I4963)
231 Charter Member of Grand Army Post (Civil War) the J.W. Thornburg Post #474 at Odon IN organized Aug 16 1886. Williams, John Bracken (I3496)
232 Children: Archie, Robert, "Bose". Family F20095
233 Children: Ernest, Elvin Family F20096
234 christened 4/21/1776 in Reading, York Co, Pa. Bracken, Margaret Mary (I1065)
235 Christine Leeper
1804 - 03 Jan 1844
Born: Washington, Grant, Indiana, United States
Died: Linton, Coshocton, Ohio, United States 
Leeper, Christine (I179)
236 Cival War veteran Company I, 51st Regiment OVI. John was a farmer in Monroe Twp. Weatherwax, John Albert (I158)
237 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F2092
238 Civil War served 206th Regiment Penna Volunteers Co I. 6/26/1865 Bracken, Henderson (I1258)
239 Civil War Veteran Bracken, Harold (I1918)
240 Civil War veteran Company C Ninth OVI from the fall of 1862 to the end of the war. He had been in one engagement with the enemy three or four days after Lee's surrender. Work with James Williams in the carpentery business. Timmons, John (I3375)
241 Claire worked as a carpenter under Hugh Carr, Hugh gave me this information. Source Source: S35 (S35)
242 Co H, 12th PA RC about 1 year. He was wounded three times and died from those wounds. Bracken, John Fletcher (I1933)
243 Co. K 8th IL Vol. Infantry, died during the battle of Fort Blakeley, Alabama. 
Anderson, James Madison (I9082)
244 Col. of the 51st Ohio Volunteer Infantry, marched on Atlanta and lead many a Coshocton boy into battle. McClain, Richard W. (I30)
245 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Irwin, Colleen Beryl (I6397)
246 Commemorative Encyclopedia 1897, J.M. Runk Pub. Source Source: S30 (S30)
247 Contradictory information on her death.

She was born 29 MAR 1710 in Wagenbach,Germany, and died 30 JUL 1772.
Family of Johann Heinrich Eschbach, webmaster at, Rev. John Ashbaugh 
Volck, Maria Sabina (I8485)
248 Coshocton Age, March 1899
John C. Williams died at his home in Warsaw, Indiana, March 24, 1899, aged about 40 years. Remains reached this place Saturday and were taken to his former home at Plainfield. He was a photographer by trade, leaving this county about twelve years ago. A wife and five children survive. Interment was made in the Plainfield cemetery Sunday.

Note: Son of Benjamin and Sarah Smith Williams. Wife: Mary Wiggins, Children: Bertha, Benjamin, Nellie, Seth and Wilbur. 
Williams, John C. (I4299)
249 Dale lost his life at 14. He and his younger brother Merrett were digging a cave along
a creek, when the cave caved in, killing Dale and injuring Merrett. 
BOZARTH, Dale E. (I11729)
250 Dale McMackin (13 Mar 1910-5 Jan 1999) studied at Bloomington High School and Illinois Wesleyan University (1936.) He married Virginia "Mickie" but had no offspring. He lived in Saybrook, in Bloomington, and later in life in Troy, IL. He was both a stock breeder and a car dealer.

Was President of the National Collie Club.

No children. 
McMackin, Dale (I8779)

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