Lewis Co., KY


Latitude: 38.5079686, Longitude: -83.3789389


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Boyd, Charity Johnson  7 Sep 1817Lewis Co., KY I12919
2 Cummins, Margaret  Abt 1829Lewis Co., KY I12989
3 DICKSON, Andrew  1812Lewis Co., KY I13151
4 Dickson, David  13 Dec 1806Lewis Co., KY I12905
5 Dickson, James  Abt 1812Lewis Co., KY I12895
6 DICKSON, James S  7 Jun 1802Lewis Co., KY I13150
7 Dickson, Janie  Abt 1800Lewis Co., KY I12901
8 Dickson, Jemima  Abt 1816Lewis Co., KY I12911
9 Dickson, John  22 Dec1798Lewis Co., KY I12896
10 Dickson, Margaret  10 Mar 1808Lewis Co., KY I12898
11 Dickson, Moses  Abt 1814Lewis Co., KY I12900
12 Dickson, Robert  11 May 1810Lewis Co., KY I12899
13 Dyal, James  2 Dec 1823Lewis Co., KY I12904
14 Dyal, Simon  30 Sep 1821Lewis Co., KY I12903
15 Henderson, Jerome C.  30 Oct 1821Lewis Co., KY I5118
16 Hendrick, Sophronia Elizabeth  1850Lewis Co., KY I13017
17 Hendrickso, George Washington  1861Lewis Co., KY I13021
18 Hendrickson, Anna Eliza  1841Lewis Co., KY I13008
19 Hendrickson, John Fearis  1855Lewis Co., KY I13010
20 Hendrickson, John Taylor  1815Lewis Co., KY I13006
21 Hendrickson, Mary Alice  1843Lewis Co., KY I13011
22 Hendrickson, Nannie Louise  1852Lewis Co., KY I13009
23 Hendrickson, Robert Franklin  1858Lewis Co., KY I13019
24 Hendrickson, Sarah Olive  1848Lewis Co., KY I13015
25 Hendrickson, Thadeus Nelson  1846Lewis Co., KY I13013
26 Hendrickson, William Henry  1840Lewis Co., KY I13007
27 King, Betsy  1805Lewis Co., KY I13564
28 Means, Mary Amanda  6 Feb 1824Lewis Co., KY I8891
29 Means, Owen Amos  21 SEPT 1831Lewis Co., KY I190
30 Means, Quincy Adams  11 Apr 1828Lewis Co., KY I8885
31 Means, William Harrison  28 Jun 1841Lewis Co., KY I8890
32 Means, William Henry  15 Jul 1852Lewis Co., KY I13587
33 Means, Zachary Taylor  12 Aug 1847Lewis Co., KY I8892
34 Myers, Eliza  15 Jul 1807Lewis Co., KY I12987
35 Myers, Ephraim Scudder  9 Dec 1801Lewis Co., KY I12959
36 Myers, Henry  5 Feb 1805Lewis Co., KY I12958
37 Myers, Henry C.  24 Feb 1856Lewis Co., KY I12998
38 Myers, J. Leslie  2 Mar 1887Lewis Co., KY I13000
39 Myers, Jemina S.  5 Sep 1815Lewis Co., KY I13005
40 Myers, John Means  2 Nov 1812Lewis Co., KY I12996
41 Myers, Margaret  1819Lewis Co., KY I13023
42 Myers, Nancy  Abt 1858Lewis Co., KY I13003
43 Myers, Nancy Means  1824Lewis Co., KY I12986
44 Myers, Robert  Abt 1850Lewis Co., KY I13001
45 Myers, Robert Means  10 Dec 1803Lewis Co., KY I12957
46 Myers, Will  Abt 1854Lewis Co., KY I13002
47 Piper, Israel Scudder  4 May 1819Lewis Co., KY I12944
48 Piper, Samuel E.  Abt 1822Lewis Co., KY I12953
49 Pitts, Nancy  Jan 4, 1806Lewis Co., KY I8695


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Dickson, James  Abt 1812Lewis Co., KY I12895
2 Givins, Hannah  1809Lewis Co., KY I8692
3 Hendrickson, Nannie Louise  1857Lewis Co., KY I13009
4 Means, Amos  1886Lewis Co., KY I13535
5 Means, George  22 Nov 1833Lewis Co., KY I8648
6 Means, Margaret  1858Lewis Co., KY I13531
7 Means, Nancy  12 Sep 1846Lewis Co., KY I8634
8 Myers, Jacob  12 Jun 1866Lewis Co., KY I8637


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Brown / Cummins  17 Jan 1864Lewis Co., KY F47695
2 Cummins / Myers  30 Jan 1827Lewis Co., KY F47694
3 Dickson / Means  23 Jan 1797Lewis Co., KY F23339
4 Duke / Rumsey  26 May 1814Lewis Co., KY F1672
5 Dyal / Dickson  15 Mar 1821Lewis Co., KY F29383
6 Henderson / Means  24 Jul 1845Lewis Co., KY F1665
7 Means / Rumsey  3 Nov 1818Lewis Co., KY F53
8 Means / Rumsey  28 Jan 1821Lewis Co., KY F3020
9 Myers / Markland  21 Dec 1848Lewis Co., KY F47696
10 Piper / Means  1 Jan 1811Lewis Co., KY F32380