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Where I知 From

By: Rose Williams

I am from SpaghettiOs ,
from movies and  tennis courts.
I am from the last homely home. 
(Endless, magical,
moving with the calming wind.)
I am from the creek
the mulberry trees
its branches always growing
its water always flowing 

I知 from Ewing Castle and toasty fires,
	from Fandoms and Stories 
I知 from the knowledge seeking nerds
	and the awkward geeks
from no socks outside and your feet are filthy 
I知 from a mutual respect system 
if you help me
I help you

I知 from the Scotch-Irish
eating pie and potatoes
From standing up against bothersome boys   
From the spirit of the Depression

I am from other worlds
from longing to see more
I am from nature
from fairy houses and driveway rivers
I am from wherever you go
there is always a home
to come back to  

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